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The heart of what we provide to our patients every day is first-rate, inexpensive dentistry in a caring atmosphere, and we take great pride in all that we do. From orthodontic remedies to oral surgery, cosmetic smile design, dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, whitening treatment, sleep dentistry and preventative care, we are pleased to provide you with the latest in dental excellence in a relaxed environment.We understand that dentistry is not "one size fits all" and that plans and services need to be individualised per patient. We offer a wide range of services, from regular checkups and exams to complex procedures including surgical, cosmetic, and several different types of orthodontic procedures. Our team will go over your options and recommended treatment with you so that you understand.
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Wanting to provide fair and quality dentistry to the area she grew up in, our principle dentist & owner Dr. Krystal Tarak created All Smiles Dental.  After spending a couple of years practicing in Balmoral the vast growth of our practice and desire to introduce modern dental technologies such as scanning technology and laser dentistry encouraged us to expand on our services and open at a new custom designed location which lends itself to the services we provide.

With all of this in mind All Smiles Dental® was born in January 2014.

Developing the All Smiles® Brand

As a dental clinic that strives to provide a caring service from start to finish, honesty, integrity, down to earth staff and quality treatment at a fair price for everyone, we were looking for fun yet professional branding.

With the help of an amazing graphic designer we have created that brand which reflects our values, team and the All Smiles service.

OUR LOGO: The heart combined with the tooth symbol reflect the caring and personable love we show to our customers and their smiles.

THE FONTS: Just good old classic book typeface. Not too fancy 

THE QUOTES: The inspiration in making sure everyone who comes to see us are ALL SMILES®

Love your smile x

Dr. Krystal Tarak, BDS (Otago)

Dr. Krystal TarakBDS (Otago)
I’m the owner of All Smiles Dental. I pride myself on my ability to make patients feel at ease, and ...Read More

Dr. Katrina Wasson, BDS (Glas)

Dr. Katrina WassonBDS (Glas)
I moved from Ireland to attain my Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. During ...Read More

Dr. Shirley Wan, BDS (Otago)

Dr. Shirley WanBDS (Otago)
Click here to see the Chinese version of this page.I started ...Read More

Grace Hsu, BOH (Otago) - Hygienist/Therapist

 Grace HsuBOH (Otago)
Hi, I am Grace and I will be helping you here at All Smiles with your oral health needs.Read More

奥克兰中国演讲牙医 - Shirley Wan

 奥克兰中国演讲牙医 - Shirley Wan
温医师 毕业于奥塔哥大学的口腔外科学士,她是新西兰牙科协会及新西兰牙科美容协会的会员。她在激光美容牙齿方面的专长处于领先的牙科技术前沿,她温柔体贴的举止使病人在看访时感到舒适安全。流利的英语;普通话及上海话。欢迎新患者。牙龈疾病是发达国家最常见的疾病之一,对老年人来说更是巨大冲击。牙齦疾病不仅影响享受美食的乐趣,还间接妨碍日常营养的均衡摄入。对华人而言,牙齦疾病 的问题相比其他族裔显的更严重。研究一再表明,牙齦疾病将增加心脏疾病和中风的风险,和糖尿病和妊娠疾病等也脱不开关系。不幸的是,至今市场上仍没有特效 药能治疗牙齦疾病,幸运的是,高明的牙医可以帮您解决绝大部分的牙齦问题。牙龈疾病一般从牙齦炎开始,如没妥善治疗将有可能进一步恶化成牙周炎,如果不认真对待治疗将造成永久性伤害。如今绝大部分的牙齦疾病都可治癒,以先进 的激光技术治疗,一般一次治疗即可见效。激光治疗拥有极少的副作用,治疗过程不会损伤神经或引起炎症等不良反应。需要注意的是,口腔就像人体的其他部分, 也需要您定期呵护保养,千万不要忽视口腔里的任何征兆,不然发现的时候可能为时已晚。过于严重的牙齦疾病会破坏牙齦和下巴骨骼,如果不及时治疗将可能永久失去牙齿,导致需要佩戴假牙。假牙虽然可以让您恢复正常饮食,但皆带来诸多不便, 如笨重及不适等不自然的感觉。身体各器官的健康主要取决于您摄入的食物,所以均衡的饮食尤其重要。假牙以牺牲享受美食的方式取代真牙,影响就餐的同时更间 接影响了营业的摄取。佩戴假牙后,部分患者不得不掩盖自己的欢笑,以确保假牙不会在大笑的时候脱落,这也间接影响了交流能力及人际关系。如今,科技的发展日新月异,所以口腔问题也必须用更科学的办法解决。如果您不幸因牙齦疾病而缺牙,现代化解决方案是植牙,也就是直接把假牙直接镶如口中,从而无需佩戴假牙。植牙最显而易见的好处是摆脱每日佩戴和摘除假牙的繁琐,植牙将永久性成为您的牙齿。植牙是最接近自然的解决方案,舒适的使用体验,看起来也和真牙无异。植牙不仅可代替个别脱落的牙齿,更可以搭桥形式替代一排缺失的牙齿。植牙手术视情况可在当天完成,如今植牙有一套简洁和完备的先进流程。凭藉良好的外科医生、高端优质产品和极高的成功率,我们有信心将植牙手术推荐给广大患者。如果您想了解给更多详情,或想知道您适不适合植牙,我们将提供免费咨询服务和专业的优质服务,亲切的乡音会让您收到更贴切更周到的服务,我们的经验和技术让您解除烦恼和痛苦。更多详情请联系Shirley Wan医师Read More

Meet Our Team

Kisane Iles - Patient Care Co-Ordinator

 Kisane Iles

I started in the dental industry 11 years ago as a dental assistant and have spent the last few years working through the various roles in a dental practice.

In my spare time I love to travel and keep fit by attending a Box-Fit class a few times a week.  I have a great passion for animals and their welfare and have a sweet SPCA classic kitty at home called Nala.  I’m not afraid of a new challenge and love trying my hand at DIY at home when I can.

My vast experience and caring personality enables me to provide you with a genuine and knowledgeable personal service.

Dr Krystal Tarak, Dr Shirley Wan and I worked together previously in another dental clinic and it has been a pleasure to join them again in caring for their patients and also Grace’s.

The qualifications I have gained include:

  • Dental Corporation Practice Managers Leadership Program
  • Current First Aid Resuscitation Level 4
  • NZDA Certificate in Dental Assisting

Jess Lee - Dental Assistant

 Jess Lee

I was born and raised in Tauranga but have called Auckland home for the past 8 years.

I started off in the fashion industry before moving into the dental field. In my spare time I enjoy getting out and about with my energetic dog Kobe,as well as spending time with family and friends.

I work closely with all of our clinicians to ensure you are made as comfortable as possible throughout your dental appointment and ensure you leave our clinic smiling.

Qualifications I have gained:

– Certificate in Dental Assisting from the New Zealand Dental Association

– First Aid certificate Level 4 resuscitation

Ebony Bowers - Dental Assistant

 Ebony Bowers

I joined the team at All Smiles in May 2016. I really enjoy helping and caring for people in my dental assisting position. I find the dental industry very interesting and I always look forward to learning new aspects. Family is important to me so I spend a lot of my spare time visiting friends and family. I have a passion for playing hockey the outdoors, and try to discover new bush walks at every chance I get. I enjoy caring for Krystal’s and Shirley’s patients and look forward to seeing you soon.

Usha Soma - Patient Care Co-ordinator

 Usha Soma

I am new to the dental industry, having come from a background in travel, as well as having run my own retail business for many years, however, I believe the underlying principle of all successful businesses is excellent service, and that is irrespective of which industry is being discussed.

My role at All Smiles will be to greet you when you arrive and make sure you are comfortable before and after your visit with the to see us. All Smiles is incredibly proud of it’s exceptional reputation for customer service, and I am pleased to be able to join the team as they continue to exceed their guest’s expectations.

I am blessed to have 3 beautiful grandchildren, and love to spend every moment with them that I can. I also enjoy handcraft, knitting, sewing and more recently, have taken up spinning wool, which I find very rewarding.

Natasha Donaldson - Dental Assistant

 Natasha Donaldson

I grew up in Wellington and studied a bachelor of Biomedical Science gaining honours at Victoria University before moving to Auckland.

I am currently studying medicine at The University of Auckland, hoping to specialise in surgery. I have a great passion for science, learning and teaching others.
I have been in the dental industry for more than 2 years at a dental practice in Wellington before I made the move to Auckland.

I love playing sport in my free time and I play football and cricket competitively.
I look forward to meeting you while assisting Dr Krystal Tarak and Dr Shirley Wan.

Give us a call to schedule your next appointment.