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What are the benefits laser dentistry?

There are several.  This technology offers benefits to the patient as well as enabling the dentist to provide higher quality dentistry.  Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Low-pain treatment: The LASER operates using very short pulses of energy. The pulses are so quick that the reaction threshold of nerves is not reached. Because of this anaesthetics are often not required for many procedures
  • Sterile procedure: the LASER sterilises whilst in action
  • Germ-destroying effect: Bacteria are vaporised instantly, resulting in maximum germ reduction.      LASER energy heats up and evaporates the moisture within bacterial cells.  The bacterial cells then explode and die
  • Reduced procedure time and efficient operation with less trauma
  • Minimally invasive and precise: areas outside the laser beam are unaffected, so one specific area can be      easily targeted.
  • Biostimulation: Kick starts healing response in surrounding tissues
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