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The heart of what we provide to our patients every day is first-rate, inexpensive dentistry in a caring atmosphere, and we take great pride in all that we do. From orthodontic remedies to oral surgery, cosmetic smile design, dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, whitening treatment, sleep dentistry and preventative care, we are pleased to provide you with the latest in dental excellence in a relaxed environment.We understand that dentistry is not "one size fits all" and that plans and services need to be individualised per patient. We offer a wide range of services, from regular checkups and exams to complex procedures including surgical, cosmetic, and several different types of orthodontic procedures. Our team will go over your options and recommended treatment with you so that you understand.
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Dr 이혜민 치과의사 , BDS (Otago) - Dentist

Dr 이혜민 치과의사 BDS (Otago)

환자 중심적인 서비스가 일 순위인 저희 All Smiles 치과병원에 모든 환자분들을 환영합니다. 응급처치, 수면유도 치료법 (sleep sedation) 밑 다양한 치과치료가 가능하며 영어가 불편하신 한인 교민들에게 한국어로 더더욱 성실하고 친절하게 진료해드릴 것입니다. 충분한 상담 이후에 개개인에 마춰진 편안하고 부드러운 치료법으로 만나뵙겠습니다.

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