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The heart of what we provide to our patients every day is first-rate, inexpensive dentistry in a caring atmosphere, and we take great pride in all that we do. From orthodontic remedies to oral surgery, cosmetic smile design, dermal fillers, muscle relaxants, whitening treatment, sleep dentistry and preventative care, we are pleased to provide you with the latest in dental excellence in a relaxed environment.We understand that dentistry is not "one size fits all" and that plans and services need to be individualised per patient. We offer a wide range of services, from regular checkups and exams to complex procedures including surgical, cosmetic, and several different types of orthodontic procedures. Our team will go over your options and recommended treatment with you so that you understand.
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Muscle Relaxants and Dermal Fillers

When you smile you don’t just express this with your teeth.  We can enhance your smile by defining and volumising your lips or softening unwanted wrinkles or creases.  Our training as dentists gives us an in-depth knowledge of the facial nerves and muscular anatomy of the head and neck – making us an obvious choice to administer products in these regions.

Muscle Relaxants

Muscle Relaxants are used in a proven non-surgical cosmetic procedure to soften unwanted lines and wrinkles such as crows feet, frown or forehead lines.  You must be a trained medical professional to administer muscle relaxants and our dentist Dr Krystal Tarak is qualified by the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics.

At All Smiles Dental we use the brand Dysport which is an alternative to Botox.  How the Dysport/Muscle Relaxants work is by freezing facial muscles which therefore ease existing wrinkles and prevent further deepening and etching of the wrinkle into the skin.  The muscle relaxant consists of a small dose of Botulinum toxin A (BTX A) and any potential side effects are deemed rare, mild and treatable.

The results are normally visible within 3 – 5 days and on average last 3-4 months.  The results do vary from patient to patient and have been known to last for up to 6 months.  We do however, recommend a regular muscle relaxant maintenance program as it has significant benefits over irregular appointments.

Dermal Fillers

Treatment with Dermal Fillers is also a proven non-surgical cosmetic procedure which is used to treat unwanted deep lines and creases.  You must be a trained medical professional to administer dermal fillers and our dentist Dr Krystal Tarak is qualified by the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics. Dermal Fillers are used as a support (scaffolding) to the skin to prop it up, thereby reducing the appearance of deep lines and creases in the face.

The results are visible immediately and on average last 3-12 months.  The results do vary from patient to patient and we recommend a regular dermal filler maintenance program to maintain your great look.  At All Smiles Dental we use a brand* that utilises the latest naturally derived molecule technology from Switzerland for our temporary fillers, which dissolve naturally and softly over time, giving you a subtle and natural improvement in facial aesthetics.

* The Australian and NZ regulatory authorities prevent us from mentioning the brand names and key ingredients of these products. This information can be obtained from your selected medical practitioner. Your cosmetic practitioner is also the best person to consult about your individual needs and if these products are suitable for your concerns.

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