Why do I need a bridge?

Bridges are the traditional way to replace missing teeth when implants are not an option and the neighbouring teeth would benefit from protection by crowns.

How is a bridge made?

Teeth either side of the missing tooth are prepared as crowns which will support the missing tooth.  We will decrease the dimensions of the current fillings in the neighbouring teeth to make space for the new crowns/bridge unit Impressions are taken and models are made for a bridge framework to be cast or milled from zirconia or metal, then layered with porcelain.  Sometimes the filling in the teeth to be crowned is entirely extracted to check for decay and to rebuild the tooth for increased strength.  We fit a temporary bridge to cover your teeth until the permanent bridge has been made by a dental technician.  The procedure requires 2 appointments, about 2 weeks apart.

How is a bridge fitted?

The temporary bridge is removed and we then check the fit and appearance of the permanent bridge before bonding it in place.  The permanent bridge is cemented with a solid resin adhesive.