Conventional Braces

Conventional Orthodontics Auckland at All Smiles Dental in Mt Eden.

Orthodontic treatment is performed to correct a dental irregularity such as malocclusion (bad bite), overcrowded teeth, to aid oral hygiene or for cosmetic alignment.

These and other orthodontic problems are treated with braces. The most common type of brace used is the standard metal and wire brace. The idea behind a brace is to re-position teeth which have moved out of place; are crooked or protruding; have unsightly gaps between them or are crowding out other teeth. Ceramic bracket options are also available as a more cosmetic alternative to metal brackets.

We at All Smiles use the Progressive Orthodontics system. Instead of using a “one size fits all” bracket and archwire system like conventional braces do, Progressive Orthodontics uses customized braces and wires, unique to your anatomy and case goals.
Progressive Orthodontics’ customisation leads to faster, more effective treatment and better retention, as well as increased predictability of end results.

Treatment time will usually be between 18-30 months.