Fillings and Amalgam Removal

All Smiles Dental is an amalgam-free clinic and we use a variety of tooth-coloured filling materials. Composite resin is suitable for smaller cavities and porcelain could possibly be a more powerful alternative in heavily decayed or filled teeth.

Dental amalgam is a mix of metals such as silver, copper and tin. Mercury binds these metals together, delivering a hard ‘silver’ filling for your teeth. Amalgam fillings have previously been the most widely used material for fillings in back teeth. However, with time, the amalgam which was once smooth and shiny silver, becomes black and pitted as it corrodes in the mouth, and can result in stress fractures to propagate throughout the surrounding tooth structure.

What you need to know about Fillings and Amalgam Removal

Amalgam plays a role in stress fractures in teeth and we generally find internal fractures in teeth with moderately sized silver fillings. Composite or plastic fillings are not necessarily the answer in big holes either. In teeth which have been more heavily filled we design porcelain overlays and crowns to replace worn old fillings, to deal with cracks and increase strength to the tooth structure.

While issues have been brought up about dental amalgam because of its mercury content, authorities such as the British Dental Association, US Public Health Service, FDI World Dental Federation and World Health Organisation state that amalgam has been used for more than 150 years in millions of patients and no controlled studies have shown adverse health effects, except for rare cases of mercury allergy.

HOWEVER, as there are more biocompatible and minimally-invasive materials available to Dentists, we choose not to work with Amalgam fillings in our dental clinic.

Our amalgam removal protocol ensures use of high-volume suction with amalgam separation units to ensure that no mercury is leaked to the environment through waste. Where suitable, rubber dam shields are utilised to ensure that your exposure to the amalgam and mercury vapour is minimised as it is removed.

All Smiles Stories

Payal C.

The team at All Smiles Dental are fantastic! I went to another clinic for my toothache and they were terrible. Luckily i found Dr Krystal Tarak who took time to explain what was needed for my teeth. Despite my fear of dentist, it was a pleasant experience and i look forward to going back. Awesome service. Highly recommend!

Nadia V.

So glad I got my invisalign braces done with All Smiles! The girls made me feel welcome and at ease straight away. Whenever I had a small part that needed to be fixed or amended they were quick to accommodate me. Super happy with the results and how my teeth look. Thank you ladies for making me feel confident with my smile and making the dentist much more enjoyable!

Irene Y.

Amazing experience with Dr Krystal and the team at All Smiles! Friendly and knowledgeable. We loved the way we were given all the information plainly and explained thoroughly. We were offered options, and given honest educated advice. This clinic really is passionate about their work and CARES for their patients. Our previous experience with dentists in NZ was not great, but All Smiles has not only restored our faith in dentists – but made our experience very pleasant and enjoyable. THANK YOU!!

More Restorative Dental Services

General & Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer an array of dental treatment, from everyday hygiene and upkeep to more complex surgical, cosmetic, orthodontic and reconstructive types of treatments.


Bridges are the traditional way to replace missing teeth when implants are not an option and the neighbouring teeth would benefit from protection by crowns.


Componeer’s are specially manufactured, very thin composite shells (veneers),that can be fixed to the front of the anterior teeth with a permanent bonding system.


Crowns are tooth-shaped caps which fit over your teeth. Crowns can be utilised over teeth with large fillings or on teeth that have been root-filled to help reinforce the tooth and avoid fracture.


Dental veneers (sometimes called porcelain veneers) are wafer-thin, custom-made shells of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth ‘root’ (often made of medical-grade titanium) that is put into the jaw bone to support an artificial tooth (usually a porcelain crown).


Dentures or false teeth are designed to replace missing teeth (from just one tooth to a whole arch) and are held by gum tissue.

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