Government Funded Treatment

Child Dental Care

Free dental care is provided to all children – from birth to Year 8 schooling – at the school or community dental clinics. Dental therapists provide dental examinations, fillings, extraction of primary teeth, applications of fluorides, placement of fissure sealants and oral health education and promotion. For care beyond the scope of dental therapy practice children are referred to an appropriate contracting dental practitioner  who are able to carry out more complicated procedures. Your childs school or community dental clinic will be able to provide you with the appropriate list for contracting dental practitioners that provide this service.

How do I enrol my child?

Interested in Government funded dental treatment in Auckland? Call into the Mount Eden practice or telephone 0800 ALL SMILES (0800 255 764) and request your child be enrolled in the Dental Benefits Scheme.  We will need you to complete and sign the enrolment form and then your child is registered.  Please note that the scheme only allows your child to be registered with one dental practice.  Please ask our staff if you wish to change your child’s enrolment from another practice to All Smiles Dental.

Free Adolescent Dentistry

We are proud to be among the few New Zealand Dentists who provide dental treatment through the government dental benefits scheme for children in year 9 until the age of 18.

The number of private practice dentists who offer this service is unfortunately dwindling, as many do not see this as a financially rewarding area of practice, on the contrary we see this as an imperative area of community service whereby we are enthusiastically involved in shaping the dental health of our next generation of young New Zealander’s – an area in which our dentists are passionately involved.

Free basic dental care is available for all New Zealand children and teenagers up to 18 years of age.

Adolescents are eligible for free basic dental care from school Year 9 until their 18th birthday. This service is provided by our oral health therapist at no charge to the patient.

Who is entitled to the Scheme?

Adolescents from Year 9, (age 12 to 13yrs), who are residents of New Zealand. The individual is covered under this scheme until their eighteenth birthday.

Does the Scheme cover all treatments?

No, it covers basic dental treatment only. Each adolescent is entitled to one examination per calendar year. The Dental Benefits Scheme does not cover Braces or Orthodontic treatment, or treatment that is required as a result of an accident (in which case ACC will apply).


We are registered as a provider for ACC related incidents and DO NOT charge a surcharge for initial consultation.

Work and Income Quotes

We can provide a FREE quote for Work and Income NZ. This is a FREE service and the consultation fee is NOT added to your treatment estimate for WINZ.