Growth Guidance Orthodontics

Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) and Removable Growth Guidance Appliance (RGGA)

The Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA) or Removable Growth Guidance Appliance (RGGA) is the first phase of a two-phase orthodontic treatment system. These appliances fit on the roof of your mouth while giving the tongue enough space to comfortably rest. They apply a gentle force to the bones and teeth which stimulates growth on the upper jaw (maxilla).

At All Smiles we offer this system to our young patients. These appliances allow children to catch up on the growth that was impeded in earlier development and reach their unique genetic potential. Our clinicians at All Smiles will recommend which appliance is best suited to your childs needs.

The AGGA and RGGA appliances help patients in a number of ways, both aesthetically and functionally. These appliance are custom-designed uniquely for each patient to develop the upper jaw three-dimensionally over time, by remodeling the bones to improve form and function. By adjusting the bones, we have the ability to bring children’s bodies into the DNA potential that was corrupted during growth by their environment. This not only improves facial features, but also opens the airway.  The goal of this treatment is not for perfectly straight teeth but to stimulate growth toward a normal direction in order to minimise the need for more extensive treatment (such as extraction of adult teeth or jaw surgery) at an older age. Often children who are treated with AGGA/ RGGA appliances do not require braces, however for those that do, it is more a cosmetic alignment that is needed rather than a major jaw correction.

Treatment times will vary based on the child’s needs, however usually is between 6 to 9 months. Typically these appliances can grow the jaw 1-2mm per month, therefore regular visits every 4 to 6 weeks are important to check on progress and make any adjustments needed.

Upper Teeth AGGA

Upper Teeth RGGA

Fixed Removable Lingual Arch (FRLA)

After AGGA/RGGA treatment has been completed an FRLA may be placed in the mouth.  The Fixed-Removable Lingual Arch (FRLA) is a fixed appliance worn around the first molars of the lower or upper jaw. It acts as an anchor for the molars. The appliance is put in the mouth by temporarily bonding composite pads to the lower molars to open up the bite and allow the jaw to freely move as it remodels.

Fixed Braces

Further alignment of the teeth may be required with fixed braces treatment for a period of time. This period has been greatly reduced by interceptive treatment with RGGA/ AGGA appliances, as the foundations on which the teeth are being moved have been stimulated for growth to accommodate the teeth.