Lingual Braces

Not all orthodontic braces are placed on the front of your teeth. There are special braces that do their work behind the teeth called lingual braces. Orthodontists require specialised training to enable them to treat patients opting for lingual braces, and we are able to help you with an appropriate referral if these are suitable for your needs.

Instead of having metal brackets bonded on the front of your teeth, these metal braces are customised to bond at the back of the teeth so they remain invisible when smiling. They are a cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth corrected but without the unaesthetic metal look when they smile.

The lingual brackets are to be held closer together since the inner arch around the backside of the teeth has a smaller dimension than the arch on the outside. This makes both the installation and the subsequent adjustment visits more difficult. The lingual braces can also irritate the tongue initially more than with regular braces. The treatment time for lingual braces is usually 18-36 months, depending on the severity of the condition you want corrected. The cost of Lingual Braces is higher than traditional metal braces, as one might expect, as it is a customised appliance.

Another orthodontic option which is also aesthetically pleasing is to use ceramic or clear braces. They offer a more aesthetically inconspicuous solution than regular metal braces and are considerably easier to install and adjust then lingual braces. We offer ceramic braces here at All Smiles Dental in Mt Eden Auckland. If you are interested in the lingual braces option we can help you with a referral to an experienced orthodontist.